txid 7570b55b1c0faa798668467ca16a470e15810692e630e6289aea71c7def85873

This transaction issued at 2017-Feb-25 00:02 paid a total of 0.00168593BTC with an effective exchange rate of 1186.290 USD/BTC (118629pts = 1BTC) for the following task units:

2017-Feb-24 23:28 100 points "Essay And Judgment Task"
2017-Feb-24 07:07 100 points "Essay And Judgment Task"

Remote Status

Not long after being issued, this transaction's status can be reviewed at the following unaffiliated sites:

7570b55b1c0f... @ blockexplorer.com

7570b55b1c0f... @ Blockchain.info

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