Working on Tasks

What's the importance of accuracy?
Your work is evaluated as you move through the task. Pay close attention to any instructions in the jobs or hints attached to questions you answer incorrectly -- these are critical to your success. Your accuracy and credits are displayed in the top pane of the task. If you fall below the minimum accuracy threshold for a particular task, you will no longer be permitted to continue working on that task. This is to be expected sometimes and does not reflect a bug. Please consider trying other tasks. Workers with a consistent history of accuracy may be offered extra higher-value tasks and enhanced payouts.
I've unable to work on a task I'd like to, is something wrong?
Tasks are always being revised, paused, or otherwise adjusted. Most tasks also have target accuracy levels which must be met to continue working on the same batch. If you are temporarily or repeatedly kept from working on any particular task(s), this is most often just due to normal system operations and volume or accuracy limits. You are welcome to continue working on other available tasks.
I see a problem or have a question with a particular task's content or interface. What should I do?
If it's a minor or one-time glitch, don't be concerned and continue to other tasks. If it recurs or seems serious, you can direct feedback to the task creators via the 'Help' dropdown in the top-right of the task view, which includes a 'Send Feedback' link. This sends a message to the tasks support team, who will review and respond to questions/issues. Be sure to include your "Contributor ID" number (also in the top right 'Help' -> 'Send Feedback' part of the pane) when communicating issues so that your history can be looked up easily.

Bitcoin Payments

What is the relationship of points to bitcoins?
You should think of points as being exactly equal to United States Dollar cents. That is, 1 point = USD$0.01. They convert to bitcoins by prevailing BTC/USD exchange rates, at the time a payment is issued into the Bitcoin network. You can hover your pointer over bitcoin values in any earnings log to see the exchange rate being used to estimate/convert values.
How soon will I be paid?

When everything is humming along perfectly, the tasks back-end reports completed tasks to CoinWorker in a few seconds. If that pushes your account's pending balance over the 200 point threshold required for payment, then within the next 24 hours, a payment transaction will be issued on the Bitcoin network. (Our automated payouts usually happen at 00:00 GMT.)

Within a few more minutes, the 'unconfirmed' transaction will usually be visible to many Bitcoin clients and 3rd-party reference sources like BlockExplorer or Then, it gets worked into the official shared global 'block chain', and further blocks get added after it, confirming it into the consensus global account balances. So under usual conditions, once the 200-point payment threshold is met for your login, you'll see a credit in your own Bitcoin software in anywhere from one to 13 hours.

(If we've issued a payment, even if it isn't yet visible elsewhere, you'll see it on your account dashboard.)

It's taking longer than usual for payment, is something wrong?

Conditions aren't always ideal! All involved systems are undergoing regular changes and tuning, plus occasional maintenance windows, bugs, and network issues. The task-assignment system warns that it may take up to 2 days to report all earnings from a task. (See the dropdown 'Help' -> 'FAQ' link from the top-right toolbar when working on a task.) After this report from the tas system, work will only appear as pending in your activity log. The CoinWorker systems will sometimes be undergoing updates or maintenance which temporarily delay the appearance of earnings or issuing of payouts. And sometimes transaction propagation and Bitcoin block-issuance slow randomly, or your own view of the network (client or public service) can fall behind for a while.

In all cases, the systems keep trying to perform the next step, and will work to catch up on steps that have piled up in the meantime (earnings units get delayed but not lost). Generally, don't worry unless a payment seems more than one full day late. If I know of problems causing even longer temporary delays, there will be an announcement at @CoinWorking or this website.

Behind the Scenes

Where do tasks come from?
They come via the San Francisco-based company CrowdFlower, which helps other companies do crowdsourcing. Their many customers include large corporations, startups, and research projects. CoinWorker is just one of many independent channels sending tasks to contributors around the world. It is generally not revealed exactly what original company/project is requesting any particular task(s).
Can I submit my own tasks?
Yes! You should go through CrowdFlower (and pay them with traditional currencies). They offer the documentation, APIs, and bulk assessment systems essential for successful crowdsourcing, and can help you farm the tasks out to many communities (including CoinWorker) for the best results.

Contact and Site Status

What if I have other questions?
The best way to get my attention is a message to the official @CoinWorking twitter account. (I'll follow you back so if any individual account details are needed, we can trade via Twitter's private 'Direct Messages'.) I'm also monitoring the CoinWorker-announcement threads at the BitcoinTalk Newbies and Project Development forums for questions and feedback.
How can I monitor the site status, if something seems broken?
Any known issues or outages awaiting fixes will also be announced via the @CoinWorking twitter account, whose latest activity is highlighted on the front page and directly to the right of this answer.

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